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Guide to Consigning Items for Auction with Killeen Auction House

This is a general guide to assist sellers with some of the most frequently asked questions.

About us: Killeen Auction House was formed in 2016 and is now a family-owned auction house. We had 20+ live auctions here per year until Covid hit and now have gone online through WWW.KILLEENBID.COM. We have a huge local following as all of our items are local pickup only (we do not ship items). We have many consigners, and we auction around 1500 lots every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the schedule. We hope this guide assists you with some of your questions.

Q: How much do you charge for consignment?

A: We use a sliding scale. The higher the item’s final selling price the lower the commission %.

     ($7.50-$24.99 is 27%, $25.00-$49.99 is 25%, $50.00-$499.99 is 20%, $500+ is 15%)

Q: Can I put a reserve on my items?

A: Yes, you can place a reserve (minimum) on your items.

     There is a $5.00 or 10% (whichever is greater) reserve price fee if the item does not sell.

     For items where NO reserve (minimum) is listed there is a $1.00 per unsold item fee.

     Side note: If you tell us “I saw my item selling for this much money on (fill in the blank) site.” 

     Our answer will be “Then maybe that is the best avenue for you to sell your item.”

Q: When can I drop off my items?

A:  The drop off days are Wednesday & Thursday 8am-3pm immediately following the auction unless posted differently. We do not require an appointment. We cannot accept items on other days.

Q: How many items can I bring?

A:  Maximum of 15 Lots. Due to the number of consigners, we must limit lots to 15.

      A lot could be a piece of furniture, a dish set, a group of tools, a silver dollar, etc.

Q: What items sell well here?

A: This is a very difficult question as every auction is different. We suggest that you follow an auction or two of

     ours to get a feel for what is selling well. There are trends happening constantly.

Q: What items do you NOT accept?

A: This question is easier to answer. Broken items. Chipped items. Dirty items. Garage sale leftovers.

     Seasonal items not in season. Mixed lots (Example: Kitchen Item + Tool + Small Figurine in 1 lot). Outdated

     Items (Example: old iPhone & android cases, VHS tapes). Mattresses. Baby items (Example: Crib, Car Seat,

     Stroller). If we don’t think an item will sell then we will either have you take items back upon drop off or have the items for you to pick up after auction.



Q: When will checks be ready?

A: Checks are ready starting the Friday after the auction. Any checks not picked up from that Friday to the next          Friday will be mailed out. Any checks not cashed or deposited within 90 days will be voided and not re-issued.      

Q: What about my items that did not sell?

A: They are still your items and are solely your responsibility to come and pick up starting Wednesday &

     Thursday after an auction (Most people pick up passed items when they drop off their next load.)



     We don’t have the time or space to store your items for you.

Q: Can you rerun my passed item in the next auction?

A:  If your items did not sell, it is either because:

1)      Multiple hundreds of active bidders were not interested in the item, or

2)      Reserve price was too high

    In some situations, we will rerun an item but only at 60% of the reserve price if agreed upon by the

    consigner. You can ask, but the final decision is solely the decision of Killeen Auction House.

Q: How much is my item worth?

A:  Your item is worth what bidders are willing to pay at our Auction House on that date. I know it is a general

     Answer, but it’s also the only way to give a truthful one. Every auction is different. If it is a common item we

     could say “This item generally sells for around this price”.  If it’s not a common item, then we won’t know    

     until we try it in auction. If you love it, don’t sell it.

Q: What can I expect to happen when I bring in my items?

A:  When you bring your consignment, we will fill out a contract, provide you with inventory sheet unless you

      provide us with an inventory sheet (including name, date, numeric lots with titles, description, and

      reserve if requested. We will assign you a permanent seller number, and quickly go through your lots to 

      ensure all of the lots are sellable and to educate you how to tag items when they are brought in.

            We hope this clears some of the major questions you may have and hope to see you soon.

Killeen Auction House 


5207 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd. Killeen, TX 76543

[email protected]